Monday, April 11, 2011

Legion of Orangeblight WIP

Since I last posted here, I've stopped one HORDES army and started a new one.

My Trollblood army that I documented through this blog has been declared finished. While I enjoyed playing them, I felt too many similarities to my primary army, Khador. Not only do both armies excel at bringing axe to mouth, but both tend toward lower DEF scores and higher ARM scores. Feeling that ARM isn't what it used to be in the Mk II meta, I explored my options for a high-DEF army instead. Looking at the choices in front of me, and what armies were already popular at my local store, I ended up with the Legion of Everblight!

This army's draconic land-shark warbeast design aesthetic always appealed to me, as did their reliance on warbeasts more than any other HORDES army.

On the peer pressure of the local players and store owner (thanks, you bastards!), I bought in with the warpack and Abyslonia. Played a few games, then with Templecon 2011 looming I brought out my trusty Khador for tourney practice. With that behind us, my store started up a slow grow league for the influx of new players, but a few of us vets joined in too for a good excuse to paint.

I had to come up with a color scheme, and I decided that since my Khador was camouflaged but still managed to have low DEF, my Legion would be vibrant and be super hard to spot ^^ Thus, the Legion of Orangeblight was born.

The league goes 15 -> 25 -> 35 and possibly 50pts, with a month between each jump. The only rules are 1) Anything in a list must be used in the subsequent larger lists, and 2) Everything must be fully painted and based for the monthly league tournament.

Abyslonia, Terror of Everblight

(WIP, the army as of the tournament)

The first tourney was a week ago, and I failed at my painting goals - even with only FOUR models in my 15pt list! The above picture is the state of the army as of that tournament. However, enough others failed at that same goal that our T.O. allowed everyone to play in the tourney anyway. It was a 3 round tournament using a fun and chaotic April Fool's scenario: At the top of the round, both players randomly select a spell on their warlock/warcaster's card and trade it with the opponent.

Round 1: Vs Cryx (Terminous). Thanks to the scenario I got Ravager onto my Scythean, plus his animus, to utterly destroy the enemy's unit of Bloodgorgers in one go. My Angelius then one-shotted Terminus with a P+S16 AP attack! Win.

Round 2: Vs Cryx (pSkarre). He had two units of McThralls, among other things, which really gave me problems with sheer number of attacks. Through the scenario I stole Dark Guidance at the critical moment when my opponent needed it. Before we got too mixed up, however, I overestimated Abby's defense and underestimated pSkarre's charge range! Loss.

Round 3: Vs Cryx - notice a theme here?! (eDenny). I somehow weathered a feat turn where a Slayer, two bonechickens, a Skarlock, and the Withershadow Combine were all thrown at my army. Afterwards, Abby feated to heal everyone up, forced for P+S15, and took out the Slayer single-handedly, freeing up the Angelius from combat who then charged and one-shotted eDenny (take that DEF16!). Would have done it a turn earlier, but the eDenny player timed her incorporeal perfectly. Win.

I went 2-1 for the day, coming in 3rd place.

After that, I got to work painting. The 15pt list currently only needs highlights and basing:

And as a special sneak preview, here's a pile of Orangeblight minis still to paint. Are they part of the 25pt list? Well, some of them are. You'll have to wait and see at next month's tournament!

Until next time.


  1. Crap, you're posting again. That means I should post again... =P

    I like the work on the models, they look great after the wash!

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