Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm alive...

I've decided it's time to resurrect this blog and start keeping track of the things I'm doing. Mostly because I've resurrected my desire to paint. The lack of updates have not been without good reason. A week after my last post, when I finished my Bronzeback, I got dumped by the girl I was seeing at the time. The amount of time I had been devoting to painting may have played a roll in that, but that's besides the point. A week after that, my cousin was killed in a car accident. I am extremely close with all of my cousins, and he was like a little brother to me, so I was incredibly distraught. Since that day in June, I hadn't put brush to paint, or paint to model. I just didn't have the desire.

But, finally, that flame has reawoken. And boy howdy, reawoken with a fervor I don't know if I've ever truly had before. You might ask why. Well, I'll tell you why.


That's right, I'm finally painting all of my Menoth stuff. And I've set a (probably unrealistic) goal of fielding a fully painted force for Templecon, a little less than 6 weeks away. And not just one fully painted list. Four fully painted lists.

How in the hell am I going to accomplish this?

Well, I have a few factors working on my side. For one thing, I'm not starting from scratch. Yes, I've never finished any of my Menoth models before starting this undertaking, but I have painted them. That means I have a lot of models that are basecoated already. A quick wash and some highlighting, along with basing the model, and they're good to go. I've already done this with three of my Knights Exemplar, and they went from "meh" to "stunning" in about 30 minutes of painting.

Another thing working in my favor is army overlap. I've got a lot of models that will be in all four of my lists, or at least three of them, and thus they are all getting preferential treatment to make sure they're ready for play. Already some of those models have been finished. I'll post some pics in subsequent posts.

And lastly, I paint pretty fast. Not lightning fast or anything, but I can generally finish a small based model in an hour, a medium based model in two hours, and a large based model in three. That's from primed to sealed. I'm not trying to win any Golden Daemon painting competitions, but I think from my previous posts it's easy to see that my tabletop quality is pretty good.

I'm going to need a lot of encouragement in this process, though. So, I'm hoping for a lot of feedback to keep me motivated! I'll start posting my army lists in the next couple of posts as well, which should help me prioritize my painting a little more.

Templecon or bust, baby.

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  1. Woo! Stick with it, buddy! I shall be forcing you to keep your head in the game, and will hopefully find time to join in!